RK Singh for BPCL top job

Vol 14, PW 4 (12 Aug 10) News in Brief

Bharat Petroleum director refineries RK Singh is the frontrunner to become the next BPCL chairman as he knows the company “better than anyone else,” according to insiders.

PETROWATCH learns the PESB has fixed September 28 for the BPCL chairman interviews. A day later, on September 29, Singh will also be interviewed for the post of IndianOil chairman.

The PESB first advertised the BPCL chairman post on July 6 with the CV submission deadline fixed for September 3. But by August 9, only three candidates had sent in CVs.

Besides Singh, Oil India director finance TK Ananth Kumar and a director at Kabul Bank in Afghanistan named Amitabh Basu have applied. Current BPCL chairman Ashok Sinha, 58, completes his five-year term on August 19.

In January, Sinha applied for a two-year extension until his retirement at 60, but then abruptly resigned in May. “Sinha probably felt it was better to resign,” says an observer, “than not get an extension.