CBM-IV winners confirmed

Vol 14, PW 1 (01 Jul 10) News in Brief

Essar Oil will be rejoicing following an announcement by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) confirming its award of four blocks from the CBM-IV licensing round.

The CCEA announcement on June 24 permanently dispels any hope that Gujarat-based Deep Industries could retain seven blocks that it was provisionally awarded when the round closed. Essar already has a CBM block at Raniganj in West Bengal, where it holds 100%.

Also rejoicing will be Brisbane-based Arrow Energy, confirmed as winner of two CBM blocks, one in Assam, partnering Oil India, and one in Madhya Pradesh, partnering Tata Power. Arrow already operates three CBM blocks in India: one in Jharkhand and two in Chattisgarh, which it won during CBM-III.

London-listed Great Eastern can also count itself lucky after confirmation that it has also won a CBM block in Tamil Nadu. Great Eastern is already producing CBM from the 210-sq km Raniganj block in West Bengal.

Cabinet announcement of CBM-IV winners (24 June 2010) Block Name Location Gas in place Partners IB-CBM-2008/IV 209-sq km IB Valley (Orissa) 1.2-tcf Essar Oil (100% and operator) RM(E)-CBM-2008/IV 1128-sq km Rajmahal (Jharkhand) 3.2-tcf Essar Oil (100% and operator) SP(NE)-CBM-2008/IV 339-sq km Sohagpur (NE) (Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh) 0.6-tcf Essar Oil (100% and operator) TL-CBM-2008/IV 557-sq km Talcher basin (Orissa) 2.6-tcf Essar Oil (100% and operator) AS-CBM-2008/IV 113-sq km Assam 2-tcf Arrow Energy (60% and operator) Oil India (40%) ST-CBM-2008/IV 714-sq km Satpura (Madhya Pradesh) 0.9-tcf Arrow Energy (80% and operator) Tata Power (20%) MG-CBM-2008/IV 766-sq km Mannargudi (Tamil Nadu) 0.98-tcf GEECL (100% and operator)