Haryana City Gas set to win Jhajjar in CGD-IX

Vol 21, PW 26 (04 Oct 18) Midstream & Downstream

Haryana City Gas is set to walk away with Jhajjar, one of 86 areas offered in CGD-IX, with its population of around 957,000.

When the PNGRB published the final list of CGD-IX winners on September 14, Jhajjar was conspicuous by its absence. Haryana City Gas bid highest for Jhajjar when bids were opened on July 13, 2018 but a raging legal battle between Haryana City Gas and the PNGRB now with the Supreme Court meant it could not be included in the final list of 86 winners.

"The award of Jhajjar is 'sub-judice' (not yet decided in court)," confirms a PNGRB source, who declined to comment further. In dispute is the PNGRB's decision to auction Jhajjar despite a No Objection Certificate (NOC) granted to Haryana Gas by the state government in 2006 allowing it to operate.

With three CNG stations already in Jhajjar, Haryana City Gas won its case in the Punjab and Haryana High Court in April 2018. But the PNGRB filed a special petition in the Supreme Court, which on July 6 allowed the Board to continue with the auction of Jhajjar but forbade it from announcing a winner without court permission.

In August the Board confirmed to the court that Haryana Gas bid highest prompting speculation the Supreme Court will finally clear the award of Jhajjar, notorious across India for the widespread abortions of girl foetuses.