Gujarat selects power station sites

Vol 13, PW 22 (22 Apr 10) News in Brief

Gujarat authorities have fixed the sites for two 1000-MW gas-fired power stations planned in line with the proposed $90bn and 1483-km Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) proposal.

This major Indian infrastructure project is being set up with Japanese financial and technical help. PETROWATCH learns Vaghel in north Gujarat's Patan district and Chokari in central Gujarat's Vadodara district are the selected sites.

“With the Japanese involved,” says an industry source, “work is progressing quickly.” Gandhinagar sources confirm that a survey of the topography and soil conditions at these sites ended last week and that both have been found suitable for the proposed power stations.

Each station requires 500 acres of land and 4m cm/d of gas supplies, which will need to be allocated by Delhi. Gujarat's government is considering a joint venture with the DMIC Development Corporation to set up these stations.

“Both stations should come up within 36 months from the date the contract is awarded," we are told.