Court clubs GSPC/Niko together

Vol 13, PW 21 (08 Apr 10) News in Brief

Whether it will make any difference is not clear but one can only hope that it does.

PETROWATCH learns the Gujarat High Court has decided to club together separate petitions filed by GSPC and Niko Resources challenging remarks made by Indian finance minister Pranab Mukhejee in his 2009 budget. Justice DA Mehta will now hear both petitions together.

High court sources tell us this was because both petitions are “identical.” The first joint hearing of these petitions is scheduled for April 23.

Observers say the case should see some interesting developments as it is the last session before the court closes for the summer break from May 10 to June 15. GSPC had filed a 204-page petition on October 9, 2009; Niko followed with a 515-page petition on December 16.

Both challenge Mukherjee’s revised definition of 'single undertaking' when classifying gas production wells from producing fields, a move which could cost GSPC, Niko and others millions in backdated taxes.

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