Another five wells planned at Nadipur Low: ONGC

Vol 13, PW 14 (17 Dec 09) Exploration & Production

ONGC is planning to drill another five development wells to boost production at the newly discovered Nadipur Low field, which sits between the Kalol and Limbodara fields in Gujarat.

These will be drilled in a 12-sq km area around development well Limbodara#180, which started producing 350 b/d of 37-degree API oil from November 11. Two earlier wells drilled at Nadipur Low (well 133 and well 173) were dry, we hear.

“But we have had very good results from Limbodara#180,â€‌ ONGC Ahmedabad â€کasset’ manager Anil Johri tells us. “Our estimate is that production will rise to 1000 b/d in the next six months.

The five new development wells will be drilled in two phases.â€‌ In the first phase, one well will be drilled in mid-January 2010 and another in March next year.

In the second phase, three more wells will be drilled after April. Johri adds that it will take between 20 and 25 days to drill each well, with ONGC using its own Cardwell-IV 150-tonne rig for the job.

“This is one of ONGC’s best performing rigs,â€‌ we hear. All five wells will be drilled to TD of between 1600 and 2000 metres to the Eocene formation.

Three years ago ONGC’s Ahmedabad-based sub-surface team carried out an in-house 3D survey of the Nadipur Low area with help from the Ahmedabad-based Institute of Reservoir Studies and the Geodata Processing and Interpretation Centre at Dehradun. Nadipur Low sits between the Kalol â€کanti-cline’ and Limbodara â€کsyncline’ and was identified as a potential lead after studying seismic and earlier wells drilled on the peripheries of Kalol and Limbodara.

But after wells 133 and 173 turned out dry, drilling was suspended until early 2009, when the location was shifted and oil struck at Limbodara#180. “We aim to increase recovery from Limbodara#180,â€‌ says Johri “by keeping production at â€کoptimum’ levels.


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