Bangalore gas demand might reach 60m cm/d

Vol 13, PW 13 (03 Dec 09) Midstream & Downstream

GAIL estimates that Bangalore in southern India will need at least 20m cm/d gas supplies by 2013, possibly more.

Bangalore, the thriving capital of Karnataka and a global IT outsourcing hub, currently receives no gas supplies at all. To change that, GAIL hopes to connect Bangalore by 2013 with the upcoming Dabhol LNG terminal in Maharashtra, through a proposed 1389-km gas supply pipeline.

One of the largest customers in Bangalore for gas could be Karnataka Power Corporation’s proposed 2100-MW electricity station at Bidadi, predicts GAIL. The proposed Bidadi electricity station alone can consume up to 10m cm/d gas, we hear.

Another 10m cm/d demand could come from other industries in and around Bangalore. “Some gas can also be sold as CNG to vehicles or piped gas to households,â€‌ we are told.

Several independent power producers with plans to set up gas-based electricity stations have also approached GAIL seeking gas supply commitments. “If you include the projected gas demand of those projects,â€‌ we hear, “then we could be looking at demand of up to 60m cm/d.

â€‌ But GAIL is sceptical about these proposals and prefers to stick to its conservative 20m cm/d demand estimate. GAIL’s proposed pipeline to Bangalore from Dabhol will have a 30-inch diameter â€کtrunk’ (main) line and spur lines with 18, 10 and eight-inch diameters.

GAIL will lay the pipeline in two phases: Phase-I will see a 402-km stretch from Dabhol to Gokak in Karnataka by 2011-2012, with a spur line from Gokak to Goa and another to Belgaum. In Phase-II, GAIL will lay a 570-km pipeline from Gokak to Bangalore by early 2012-2013.

This phase will see 417-km of spur and feeder lines of varying diameters up to Tumkur, which is 50-km from Bangalore, and which should be completed by early 2013-2014.