First C-Series gas further held up

Vol 13, PW 13 (03 Dec 09) News in Brief

Gas supplies from ONGC’s C-Series fields are delayed by about 10 to 15 days.

ONGC had asked GAIL to begin receiving C-Series gas from December 1 but GAIL has refused until the terms are made clear, we hear. Companies are already lining up and anxiously waiting for supplies to begin.

Gujarat government owned Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals is the latest customer for C-Series gas. GACL is India’s largest caustic soda manufacturer (358,000 t/y) and signed a nine-year contract with GAIL in the third week of November for the supply of 10,000 cm/d of gas for its Dahej factory and another 50,000 cm/d for its Vadodara factory.

GAIL will also supply 360,000 cm/d to Arvind Mills, the world’s largest denim manufacturer, 270,000 cm/d to Gujarat Fluorochemicals, a refrigerant gas manufacturer and 220,000 cm/d to chemical manufacturer United Phosphorus. When it begins first C-Series production will be around 850,000 cm/d, rising to 3m cm/d in 12 months.