Jubilant strikes lucky again at AA-ONN-2002/1

Vol 13, PW 12 (19 Nov 09) Exploration & Production

Jubilant Energy is believed to have struck gas again at its 1260-sq km NELP-IV onshore block AA-ONN-2002/1 in the northeast Indian state Tripura.

Jubilant had already reported gas shows at its second exploration well drilled on the block, Kathalachari-I, and is lucky once more at the third exploration well, named Ambassa after a nearby town. Ambassa was spud around September 20 using Quippo-owned 1300-hp rig Quippo 1300 and drilled to the â€کMiddle Bhuvan’ geological formation at approximately 3200 metres TD.

“ONGC is the only other operator,â€‌ says an industry source, “that has drilled to the â€کMiddle Bhuvan’ formation in this region.â€‌ Gas pressure at Ambassa, we hear, is high and up to 9000-psi.

Jubilant began a Drill Stem Test (DST) at two zones in the well from November 11 using the same Quippo rig that drilled the well. Testing is being carried out by Techno Canada and likely to continue over the next few days.

“Jubilant is very cautious testing this well because of the high gas pressure,â€‌ we hear. “There were some problems with the testing equipment initially.

â€‌ Jubilant's first well at the block, Jailungpara-I, was drilled in March 2008 with a rig from Dubai-based contractor ETA-ASCON, and produced gas but not enough to be a commercial prospect. Jubilant has yet to test Kathalachari-I, which was drilled in end-August, but showed gas at similar depths to Ambassa.

Testing at Kathalachari-I is delayed because of a minor operational problem with a 550-hp rig hired from Dewanchand Ramsaran on August 10. “Our rig has been at the site for a month,â€‌ confirms Dewanchand.

He adds that operational problem will be resolved “in a day or twoâ€‌ before testing. Jubilant wants to test two zones at Kathalachari-I.

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