HOEC prepares PY-1 gas pipeline

Vol 12, PW 26 (04 Jun 09) News in Brief

Private sector Indian explorer and part-Eni owned HOEC is preparing to lay a 56-km pipeline from its soon-to-be producing PY-1 gasfield to shore in Tamil Nadu.

No details are available of the pipeline laying contractor hired except that the company is Houston-based and has begun work on the pipeline that will deliver 1.3m cm/d to a 330-MW power plant in Tamil Nadu, with first supplies beginning most likely by mid-July or early August. Over the next few days Aban-owned Deep Driller-8 will complete an operation to â€کtie-back’ the â€کEarth’ development well drilled in 2007 to a nine-slot wellhead and production platform completed last month (May).

“HOEC saved money by drilling the â€کEarth’ well without a platform,â€‌ we hear. “But instead of abandoning the well it was suspended.

â€‌ HOEC is planning two additional development wells, â€کMercury’ and â€کJupiter’, each to 3500 metres sub-surface, under a three firm and two optional well contract with Aban, estimated to be worth $30m.