Niko begins 3D across Hazira gasfield

Vol 12, PW 18 (12 Feb 09) News in Brief

Niko Resources has begun its long-awaited 3D survey across the Hazira gasfield where production has dropped sharply from 4.4m cm/d in 2006 to 1.3m cm/d today.

PETROWATCH learns Singapore-based Geokinetics mobilised its crew in the first week of December and acquired the first 'shot' of the $6m survey on January 12 with a completion target of mid-February. Niko originally wanted to shoot 30-sq km in the transition zone between the offshore and onshore parts of the 50-sq km block but the survey will now be “slightly lessâ€‌ than 30-sq km.

Niko is currently examining bids to process the data and hopes to announce a winner by February 15. Three customers buy the bulk of Hazira production, among them Gujarat Electricity Board, which consumes around 80% of the gas output.

Two years ago Hazira began producing oil but this too is in decline with just one well now producing 500 b/d. Niko (33%) shares this field with partner GSPC (67%).