GSPC Gas ready with gas for Surendranagar and Halol

Vol 12, PW 14 (27 Nov 08) Midstream & Downstream

GSPC Gas, the retail arm of GSPC, is ready to begin supplies of piped gas to two more towns in Gujarat, as it extends its network across the state.

On November 18, GSPC Gas commissioned its gas distribution infrastructure in the Saurashtra town of Surendranagar, famous for its high-quality â€کShankar’ cotton, and located 116-km from Ahmedabad. “No specific gas supply figures have been allocated to Surendranagar,â€‌ confirms a company source.

“As demand increases we will increase supplies. All we are doing now is allocating connections.

â€‌ Elsewhere, GSPC plans to supply around 100,000 cm/d to Halol, 40-km east of Vadodra in central Gujarat and will supply four industrial customers, including General Motors and Birla Insulators. Yet customers in Halol have been slow to prepare for the arrival of gas.

“Our pipeline is charged; all we have to do is turn on the tap,â€‌ adds GSPC Gas. “Now we are waiting for our customers.

If they can get ready today we can supply tomorrow.â€‌ GSPC’s focus at Halol is on industrial consumers and has no immediate plans to supply households.

Dahej – better known as the site of Petronet-LNG’s receiving terminal - and Billimora are next in line, with GSPC Gas laying pipelines ahead of first supplies. Across Gujarat, GSPC Gas is aggressively promoting gas as household cooking fuel among low to middle income families.

On November 13, readers of Gujarati vernacular newspapers in Hazira, Vapi, Navsari and Valsad woke up to a quarter page advert displaying a sari-clad housewife with her gas-fired stove (linked to a GSPC gas pipe) extolling the virtues of cooking gas with an invitation to sign up to an attractive GSPC payment scheme. Until now GSPC Gas consumers had to pay Rs10,000 for a new gas connection.

But for customers who apply before December 13, this charge will be split in three: Rs1000 for registration; Rs3000 before installation; and Rs6000 divided into 24 monthly payments of Rs250. “In India everything is available on instalments,â€‌ argues GSPC Gas.

“Why not gas connections alsoâ€‌