Derek Fisher replaces Kapil Garg

Vol 12, PW 14 (27 Nov 08) News in Brief

Derek Fisher is set to become the new chief of BG operations in India following the surprise resignation this month of Kapil Garg, “to pursue other opportunities,â€‌ hardly a year after taking charge.

Fisher, who expects to reach India this month, tells PETROWATCH by e-mail: “My wife and I are looking forward to coming to India and working with all of the people at BG India and of course with our partners, the government and community stakeholders.â€‌ Fisher’s most recent post began in 2004 as asset general manager BG in Tunisia “during which he sanctioned the building of the major Hasdrubal (gas) project, due on stream in 2009,â€‌ BG said.

Fisher has also headed BG operations in Southeast Asia and the Philippines, since joining the company in 1998. In India, BG owns 30% and is joint operator in the Panna Mukti and Tapti offshore gasfield, owns Gujarat Gas, and has a stake in Mumbai-based Mahanagar Gas.

With ONGC it is also partner in three KG blocks.

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