Damaged Dahej pump to be fixed by mid-September

Vol 12, PW 7 (21 Aug 08) Midstream & Downstream

Hungry gas customers buying re-gassified LNG from Dahej must bear with shortages for another three weeks before a pump at the Petronet-LNG terminal is completely repaired.

Petronet-LNG tells PETROWATCH the pump will be fixed and R-LNG supplies restored to normal at the “latest by mid-Septemberâ€‌ this year. According to a three-month partial â€کforce majeure’ declared by Petronet-LNG in early July, the repair work should have finished by the end of September.

But the company now hopes to finish work earlier. From the Dahej terminal, Petronet-LNG is contracted to supply 22.9m cm/d of R-LNG.

“Out of this 17.5m cm/d are regular supplies under a long-term contract with RasGas and the rest (5.4m cm/d) is meant for Dabhol under a short-term contract (valid until September 2009).â€‌ Petronet-LNG says despite one pump being out of action it can still send out 21m cm/d R-LNG.

“The shortfall is just 1.9m cm/d,â€‌ we hear. As for the damaged pump, our source reveals that, “the manufacturer came over to Dahej to diagnose the problem and concluded that a â€کvapour lock’ was the problem.

â€‌ Petronet-LNG tells us the parts needed to fix the problem must be specially manufactured, because they are custom-made for the Dahej terminal. “The parts will be manufactured in India and the replacement will be carried out by Toyo Engineering, or someone else.

â€‌ Fortunately, adds our source, “Toyo is already at the site and does not have to be specially mobilised.â€‌ Petronet-LNG feels the breakdown was the result of “normal wear and tear.

â€‌ An â€کoverhaul’ of the pump is routinely done after 20,000 hours of operation. “After the overhaul the pump was re-started and it began vibrating,â€‌ we hear.

“Dahej has a nine-stage compression system and this particular pump is the last in the chain.â€‌ Along with replacing the defective parts in the pump, engineers will also “re-configure the piping layout to avoid a recurrenceâ€‌ of the problem.