Another gas row brewing with Board

Vol 12, PW 4 (10 Jul 08) News in Brief

Maharashtra Natural Gas (MNGL) is the latest company to risk angering the Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board.

This month the oil ministry wrote to MNGL saying it doesn’t need authorisation from the Board to sell CNG or piped gas. In its letter of support, the ministry raises the spectre of another damaging row similar to the one over its support of Indraprastha Gas in defiance of the Board.

MNGL fully expects the Board to publish all the correspondence about this row on its website. “MNGL qualifies on all the criteria laid by the Regulator for authorisation,â€‌ stresses MNGL.

“We have 400,000m cm/d gas allocation from the oil ministry.â€‌ MNGL hopes to begin supplying gas in August after GAIL lays a spur line from Panvel to Chinchwad.

MNGL was incorporated on January 13, 2006 to sell gas in Pune, Pimpri and Chinchwad with GAIL and Bharat Petroleum each holding 22.5%; Maharashtra authorities with 5%; IDFC and IL&FS with 20% each and Axis Bank with 10%.