BP wants 2D seismic vessel for 2000-lkm Kutch shoot

Vol 11, PW 21 (06 Mar 08) Exploration & Production

BP has dropped plans to use the Geo Searcher seismic vessel to shoot a 2D survey in the Kutch Basin under its joint study initiative for exploration block GK-DWN-1 with ONGC.

Instead BP plans to look around for another available 2D boat, as it waits for permission to shoot the GK-DWN-1 survey from Indian authorities. Geo Searcher is one of two vessels belonging to Norway-based SCAN Geophysical and is currently in Pakistani waters shooting a 10,000-lkm 2D survey for BP, which holds operator and non-operator stakes in up to 30,000-sq km acreage across eight deepwater blocks in water depths ranging from 1000 to 2500 metres.

On completion of the Pakistani survey, BP originally wanted Geo Searcher to sail the short distance to deepwater block GK-DWN-1, across the maritime border with India, so it could save on mobilisation fees. But delays in getting permission to begin the shoot means the boat would have had to be on standby.

“Charges to keep the boat for three weeks or more at Mumbai docks would have cost up to $1m,â€‌ we hear. “There are other 2D boats working in and around India that can be used.

â€‌ In its original estimate, BP thought the 2000-lkm 2D survey at GK-DWN-1 – which it promises to pay with its own money - would cost $2m, but it now believes this might cost anything up to $3.5m. Operational reasons are also behind the decision to seek another boat.

Geo Searcher began the Pakistani survey in June last year but has taken longer than expected to complete, mainly because it began shooting days before the monsoon broke in June last year, forcing BP to cut the assignment short. Then late last November, Geo Searcher was sent to dry dock for a month to undergo reclassification and a complete overhaul before returning to continue the shoot.

By late last month Geo Searcher had finished shooting 8500-lkm and BP now expects to complete the survey by the middle of this month.

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