Baker Hughes thinks Assam too dangerous

Vol 9, PW 13 (06 Oct 05) News in Brief

Assam is still too dangerous for some service companies.

One such company is Baker Hughes, which withdrew from an Oil India tender some weeks ago for directional and LWD drilling services. We submitted a bid but then withdrew it, reveals a source.

Our Houston office thinks it is too dangerous a place to work. This perception of a region where terrorism and kidnapping thrive is widespread.

Ive been there myself and it doesnt feel safe, he adds. You dont even know what the ransom is if one of your guys gets kidnapped.

Baker has stepped up its presence in India with the arrival of several expatriate managers. But for now it prefers the safer operating environment of the Mumbai Offshore where it is active with British Gas at the Panna, Mukta and Tapti fields and with ONGC.

Baker also plans to bid in an imminent tender for Cairns directional drilling tender in Rajasthan and is also looking to work with Reliance.

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