GSPC moves rig deadline to December

Vol 11, PW 15 (29 Nov 07) News in Brief

GSPC has extended till December 13 the bid deadline to hire another floater for its discovery block KG-OSN-2001/3.

More than 10 companies have bought bid documents for the tender, which was earlier scheduled to close on November 27. Transocean, who along with Aban Offshore is one of the favourites, is believed to have sought the extension in a letter to GSPC this month.

“Transocean needed time to check rig availability and identify a unit to bid,â€‌ we hear. Others are not so sure.

“GSPC might say bidders want an extension,â€‌ says a source, “but the real reason is there are hardly any responses to the tender.â€‌ Other then Transocean and Aban, Seadrill, Ocean Drilling and Jet Drilling are likely to bid.

GSPC wants a floater to drill in 500 metres depth and with a 15,000-psi stack Blow Out Preventor. Three rigs are already drilling for GSPC at KG-OSN-2001/3: Atwood Beacon, Deep Driller I, and Perro Negro 3.

Essar Wildcat is awaiting mobilisation at nearby Vizag port.

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