Work begins at full speed on site of Bina refinery

Vol 11, PW 11 (04 Oct 07) Midstream & Downstream

After Reliance, BPCL is only the second company in India to promote a new refinery where physical work on the ground is actually underway.

After years of delay, work is on at full speed at Bina, site of a 6m t/y (115,000 b/d) refinery, which BPCL fully expects to commission at full capacity from the first quarter of 2009. BPCL directors approved the project in its present form in December 2005 and work began at Bina on January 1, 2006.

Says a source with the project: “Site grading is over; road formation (within the project site) is over; the civil works are at an advanced stage; work on setting up tanks and laying pipes has started; ordering of all critical equipment has been done; and power and water for construction are available at the site.â€‌ Among the companies involved in construction work are Punj Loyd, Bharat Heavy Electricals and Naftogaz.

From this month minor equipment such as â€کexchangers’ and â€کvessels’ will start reaching at site. When ready, we are told, the Bina refinery will have a â€کNelson Complexity Index’ of 8, which means it can refine crude of API gravity up to 28 degrees.

“Only Reliance’s (upcoming) 27m t/y refinery at Jamnagar can refine heavier crude than that,â€‌ we hear. Bina is configured to refine a mix of 50% heavy and 50% light crude.

“Arab Mix will be the ideal crude for Bina but it will be able to refine Kuwait crude also.â€‌ The most important thing about Bina refinery is, we are told, that it will not produce any furnace oil or bitumen.

“These are low value products and it is a big headache to evacuate them during the monsoons.â€‌ Bina’s yield will be 90% - all high value products.

See below product slate for Bina. Product Percentage Motor Spirit Euro-III grade 6.42% Motor Spirit Euro-IV grade 6.67% Diesel Euro-III grade 31.18% Diesel Euro-IV grade 16.67% Jet fuel 8.33% Kerosene 7.35% LPG 3.9% Naphtha 4.53% Sulphur 1.82% Petroleum coke 7% Fuel and loss 6.13% Total 100%