New Tapti gas processing platform to raise PMT output

Vol 11, PW 11 (04 Oct 07) Midstream & Downstream

Later this week oil minister Murli Deora formally inaugurates the Panna-Mukta-Tapti joint venture’s brand new Tapti Compression and Processing Platform as well as the MTA platform.

Although the PMT oil and gasfields lie in the Arabian Sea offshore Mumbai, the inaugural ceremony will be held in the conference room of a luxury hotel in the north Mumbai suburb of Powai on (Saturday) October 6. The Tapti Compression and Processing Platform takes in gas from the entire South Tapti field and the newly opened up mid-Tapti field.

An industry source tells us the platform began operation on August 30, “two days ahead of scheduleâ€‌, but that the formal inauguration was delayed to match the availability of oil minister Deora. The entire project, we are told, was completed within 21 months from final approval.

Costing some $400m, the project also sees 100-km of sub-sea pipelines to the ONGC gas receiving terminal at Hazira in Gujarat as well as a processing platform and the MTA well head platform. Thanks to the new facilities, PMT gas production has already increased by 150m cf/d (4.3m cm/d).

“Production is still being gradually ramped up,â€‌ says a source. “Eventually, the new platform will be able to handle 450m cf/d (12.8m cm/d).

â€‌ We learn the MTA wellhead platform will, at full capacity, receive gas from eight wells. “Three wells are on production while the rest are being drilled by jack-up Ensco-53.

â€‌ Panna-Mukta-Tapti now produces 575m cf/d (16.4m cm/d) and 45,000 b/d crude oil. Gas production is expected to rise to 650m cf/d (18.6m cm/d) by December.

“This is likely to be the stable production level,â€‌ says an observer. Oil production is expected to stabilise around 52,000 b/d by the middle of next year.