Doubts surface over Odin Spirit rig for Ravva

Vol 9, PW 14 (20 Oct 05) Exploration & Production

In the last issue of PETROWATCH we reported that Discovery Hydrocarbons - a Jindal Drilling subsidiary - would deliver jack-up rig Odin Spirit for the Cairn-led consortium at Ravva because Hercules 30 (the original choice) was damaged in Hurricane Katrina.

But doubts are now growing over whether Odin Spirit can be refurbished fast enough to begin Ravva drilling in time for Cairn Energys schedules: Odin Spirit has been cold stacked for four years in the Far East. Odin Spirit is just a platform now, reveals a source in Singapore, where the rig is being refurbished.

Her superstructure was removed as there were plans to convert her into living quarters for offshore crew. Her mat has completely rotted.

Another source points out that it will take at least 10 months for Odin Spirit to be ready for work. If Cairn accepts Odin Spirit in place of Hercules 30, they will not be able to meet their drilling schedule, we hear.

We are also told that the real reason Hercules 30 is not being brought to India is because she got a much better rate in the Gulf of Mexico, not because of damage by Hurricane Katrina. Another option for Cairn is a rig called THE-252, offered by Steelfab and belonging to The Offshore Drilling Company (TODCO).

In early October, Cairn asked Steelfab for the mobilisation schedule of THE-252. THE-252 is warm stacked in the Gulf of Mexico and can be at Ravva by January after shes fitted out with accessories like winches, collars and pipes, adds our source.

Steelfab is in regular touch with Cairn for THE-252. Theres no way Odin Spirit can come in.

Counters another source: These stories are being spread by people who lost the tender. Cairn has inspected Odin Spirit in Singapore and is satisfied.

We are told that Odin Sprit will be at Ravva latest by end-May 2006. Commercial discussions continue between Cairn and Discovery Hydrocarbons.

Odin Spirit was originally offered for the Ravva tender by Jindal rival Steelfab, but was later sold to Hercules Offshore, owner of the Hercules 30 rig.