Total-HPCL begins testing LPG cavern

Vol 11, PW 8 (23 Aug 07) News in Brief

rucial work begins this week to test India’s first LPG underground storage facility at Vizag in Andhra Pradesh.

PETROWATCH learns that from Friday, August 24th South Asia LPG, a joint venture between Total of France and state-owned HPCL, will begin the critical Cavern Acceptance Test that will see air pumped into the 60,000-tonne capacity cavern at different pressures followed by water. “This test is important to confirm the hydrogeological conditions underground,â€‌ says a JV source.

During testing, expected to last 35 days, pressure and temperature readings will be taken to ensure the â€کintegrity’ of all systems. When testing is complete, commissioning will begin by â€کtest-filling’ the facility with LPG delivered by HPCL, a process that will take about 15 days.

“A small cargo of LPG from HPCL will then be unloaded at Vizag port to fill up the cavern,â€‌ adds a JV source. By the first week of November, the cavern is expected to begin receiving commercial cargoes of LPG.