Great Eastern wants six CGD licences

Vol 11, PW 6 (26 Jul 07) News in Brief

Great Eastern, the first commercial producer of CBM in India, wants to set up gas distribution networks in six West Bengal cities.

“We have sent applications to the gas regulator,â€‌ chief operating officer Prashant Modi tells us. “We expect to receive permission within six months.

â€‌ Great Eastern wants to set up CGD businesses in Barakar, Asansol, Kulti, Durgapur, Burdwan and Raniganj. “These cities are within a 40-km radius of our Raniganj production,â€‌ adds Modi.

“These are our main markets.â€‌ Modi said Great Eastern is in discussions with GAIL to lay pipelines to transport CBM to these cities.

“GAIL can either lay the pipelines by itself and we could use it as a common carrier or both of us could share the cost.â€‌ Discussions with GAIL are at a preliminary stage, but, says Modi: “The important thing is GAIL is keen to get into the pipeline business in this region.

Our CBM production from Raniganj has opened up the possibility of setting up a pipeline market in West Bengal.â€‌