Mizoram issues PELs for two blocks

Vol 11, PW 3 (14 Jun 07) News in Brief

Mizoram has set the stage for first exploration.

Unexplored to date, the DGH opened up this â€کfrontier’ state in NELP-VII, offering two blocks. On 22nd May state authorities issued a Petroleum Exploration Licence enabling operator Oil India to begin work at 3213-sq km MZ-ONN-2004/1; and on 25th May issued a PEL to Ukraine’s Naftogaz for 3619-sq km MZ-ONN-2004/2.

“Mizoram is a very tough area, very hilly,â€‌ we hear. “Acquiring seismic is expensive.

Geologically it is very prospective because it sits on the Assam Arakan belt and is near Myanmar.â€‌ Oil India (75%), Suntera Resources (10%) and Shiv Vani (15%) must drill five wells and shoot 975-km 2D and 600-sq km 3D.

“Our first well will be in 2009, possibly late 2008,â€‌ says Oil India. Operator Naftogaz (10%), in alliance with Geopetrol (10%) and Reliance Energy (80%) must drill one well and shoot 1065-km 2D and 400-sq km 3D.

“Let Oil India drill a well first,â€‌ says a source, “then we will decide where to drill our well.â€‌