Premier sidetracks well on CR-ON-90/1

Vol 10, PW 26 (03 May 07) News in Brief

Premier Oil has had to sidetrack well Masimpur-3 at its Assam block CR-ON-90/1.

This report learns sidetracking had to be carried out because a â€کfishing’ operation was not completely successful. Says a source: “The bottom hole assembly got stuck around 2300 metres.

â€‌ Through a fishing operation, Premier managed to “recover some drill string but not all.â€‌ At this point, it was decided to call off the â€کfishing’ operation and instead, sidetrack the well to save time.

“Sidetracking was carried out at 2307 metres.â€‌ By the end of last week the drilling bit of the Century 28 rig from Century Drilling of Australia had reached 2400 metres.

Its target is the Renji formation, lying at about 4000 metres depth. Premier expects to reach the Renji formation sometime by the end of June.

Masimpur-3 was spud on 21st January and drilling has generally been incident free. If successful, Premier believes CR-ON-90/1 could hold about 2-tcf in place gas, with a likely upside of about 8-tcf.