Dalma Energy rig accident at Kanawara field in Gujarat

Vol 10, PW 22 (08 Mar 07) Exploration & Production

A drilling rig belonging to Muscat-based Dalma Energy has met with an accident at the tiny Kanawara onland field in Gujarat, operated by Heramec, a subsidiary of Hyderabad-based Alkor Petroo.

PETROWATCH learns that on 22nd February Dalma mobile rig MR-1 was â€کhoisting’ the top section of the rig after reaching the site, when the accident happened. “They (Dalma) were pulling out the top section of the mast (â€کtelescopic section’) from the bottom section,â€‌ reveals a source.

“The â€کhoisting winch’ broke and the telescopic mast or top section came sliding down to the bottom section. It was a mechanical fault.

â€‌ No injuries are reported. Contacted by this report, Dalma confirms the accident, telling us the rig will be back in action in three weeks after minor repairs.

“Our rigs and equipment are always inspected,â€‌ adds Dalma. “We regularly carry out NDTs (Non Destructive Test) on our rigs.

â€‌ Mumbai-based Tubestar and Kolkata-based NDT Labs are the two inspection agencies used by Dalma Energy. On (Monday) 5th March a team of technical personnel from Dalma reached India from Muscat for an on-the-spot inspection of the rig.

“They will be here for three to four days,â€‌ we hear. MR-1 is an IPS Cardwell model B-375 mobile rig with two Caterpillar engines of 425 horsepower each and is on contract to GSPC till September this year.

GSPC has a 70% stake in Kanawara; operator Heramec has 30%. “We have a two well programme at Kanawara,â€‌ says Heramec.

“This rig was supposed to drill only one well for us and then return to GSPC.â€‌ MR-1 had just reached Kanawara from GSPC block CB-ONN-2000/1 when the accident happened.

“Our work will not get affected,â€‌ adds Heramec. “At the most it will be delayed by 10-15 days.

â€‌ Kanawara is a 6-sq km field awarded under the second round for developed fields. Producing only 35 b/d oil and 3000 cm/d gas from two wells, the Kanawara PSC was signed on 23rd February 2001 between GSPC and UK-based Heramec.

Alkor Petroo later acquired Heramec.