Diesel not petrol will dominate Bina production run

Vol 10, PW 20 (08 Feb 07) Midstream & Downstream

Diesel will dominate the production run of BPCL’s upcoming refinery at Bina in Madhya Pradesh, accounting for 47.6% of the refinery’s output.

Not surprising given the dominant place occupied by diesel in the country’s basket of transportation fuels. Petrol will account for just 13% of output.

BPCL hopes to commission the Bina refinery in December 2009 at a total cost of Rs10,300cr ($2.3bn). From the first day of production the refinery will be working to its full capacity of 6m t/y.

See below: Product slate of Bina refinery at 6m t/y Product Percentage of total LPG 3.9 Naphtha 4.5 Euro-III compliant petrol 6.4 Euro-IV compliant petrol 6.6 Kerosene 7.3 Jet fuel 8.3 Euro-III compliant diesel 31.0 Euro-IV compliant diesel 16.6 Sulphur 1.8 Petroleum coke 9.0 Fuel and loss 4.6When ready Bina will have a crude unit of 6m tonnes, hydrocracker of 1.9m tonnes, delayed coker of 1.3m tonnes, hydrogen plant of 70,000 tonnes, and a naphtha hydro-treating unit of 1m tonnes capacity. In addition there will be a sulphur plant producing two streams at the rate of 180 tonnes/day.

While the petroluem coke will fuel the refinery’s 100-MW captive power plant, the sulphur will be sold to fertiliser factories in the region. “Waste products will be almost zero,â€‌ we are told.

Bina’s liquid petroleum products will be transported to the high-demand northern India markets through the pipeline being laid by BPCL up to the outskirts of Delhi. “A feeder pipeline from the refinery will join the main pipeline at Kota,â€‌ says a source.

BPCL sees no problem in selling Bina’s products. “Our own requirement in the northern region is 5m t/y,â€‌ says a senior BPCL source.

“Now we buy this quantity from others in the market. We will replace that with our own products.