Hardy invites EOI for gas from PY-3

Vol 9, PW 15 (03 Nov 05) News in Brief

Hardy Exploration has invited Expressions of Interest for the purchase of associated natural gas from PY-3, where it is operator.

On 31st October, Hardy said the EoI is for the purchase of 7m cf/d at the outlet flange of the production facility at PY-3, which lies within the CY-OS-90/1 block, off the east coast of India. Gas from PY-3 is currently used for internal consumption with any excess flared.

Redevelopment of the field is expected to begin in beginning 2006, adds Hardy. Gas availability after redevelopment of the field in 2007-2008 will rise to 9m cf/d and decline to 2m cf/d towards the end of field life in 2015.

The closing submission date of the EoI is 15th November. See below specifications of the PY-3 gas.

Composition On Dry Basis (Gas sample taken at 210 psig, 29آ°C) C1= 73.25 mol% iC5= 0.24 mol% C2= 13.34 mol% nC5= 0.17 mol% C3= 7.48 mol% C6+= 0.01 mol% iC4 1.03 mol% Co2 1.53 mol% nC4 1.45 mol/% N2= 1.52 mol% Net Calorific value (@14.73-psia 15.6آ°C) 10,840 Kcal/m3 Specific gravity (@14.73-psia 15.6آ°C) 0.8021 Compressibility factor 0.99573