Still no final word on NELP-VI winners for 52 blocks

Vol 10, PW 16 (30 Nov 06) Exploration & Production

No final decision has yet been taken on the award of 52 exploration blocks that received bids under NELP-VI.

All we hear so far is that bureaucrats in the Empowered Committee of Secretaries overruled a DGH decision to punish ONGC by not approving its winning bids for 12 deepwater blocks because of its impressive list of earlier deepwater dry holes. No official statement emerged from the ECS meeting headed by oil secretary MS Srinivasan on 23rd November but its believed bureaucrats also rejected a suggestion by DGH boss VK Sibal to invite for negotiations companies that submitted erratic financial bids for 14 blocks, i.

e, where the government share of profit oil starts from a high of 90% and tapers down to 1% or 2%. Finance secretary Ashok Jha is believed to have told the ECS meeting that negotiations would serve no purpose because they would yield the same package for the government but in a different form.

Over the next few days, ministers in the governments Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs are expected to discuss the ECS recommendations and with some luck endorse or reject them. See below the full list of the disputed DGH recommendations.

(*Blocks marked with an asterisk were recommended for award by the DGH but only after negotiation on the erratic fiscal package) Serial No. Block Name Ranking Companies Comments Deepwater Blocks 1 KG-DWN-2004/4* 1 RIL DGH has recommended award to the 1st ranked bidder 2 KG-DWN-2004/7* 1 RIL -do- 3 MN-DWN-2004/1* 1 RIL -do- 4 MN-DWN-2004/2* 1 RIL -do- 5 MN-DWN-2004/3* 1 RIL -do- 6 MN-DWN-2004/4* 1 RIL -do- 7 MN-DWN-2004/5* 1 RIL -do- 8 NEC-DWN-2004/1 1 SANTOS -do- 9 NEC-DWN-2004/2 1 SANTOS -do- Shallow Water Blocks 10 GS-OSN-2004/1 1 ONGC -do- 11 CB-OSN-2004/1* 1 FOCUS-NEWBURY -do- 12 MB-OSN-2004/1 1 GSPC-IOC-GAIL-HPCL-PETROGAS -do- 13 MB-OSN-2004/2* 1 PETROGAS-GAIL-IOC-GSPC-HPCL -do- 14 PR-OSN-2004/1 1 CAIRN ENERGY-CAIRN INDIA- ONGC-TATA -do- 15 KG-OSN-2004/1 1 ONGC-BGEPI -do- Onland Blocks 16 MZ-ONN-2004/1* 1 OIL-SUNTERA- SHIV VANI -do- 17 MZ-ONN-2004/2* 1 NAFTOGAZ-RNRL- GEOPETROL-REL -do- 18 AA-ONN-2004/1* 1 OIL-SHIV VANI -do- 19 AA-ONN-2004/2* 1 OIL-SUNTERA -do- 20 AA-ONN-2004/3 1 ESSAR ENERGY-ESSAR OIL -do- 21 AA-ONN-2004/4* 1 ADANI ENTERPRISES- ADANI PORT- NAFTOGAZ-JAYCEE (MUMBAI) -do- 22 AA-ONN-2004/5 1 ESSAR ENERGY-ESSAR OIL -do- 23 PA-ONN-2004/1 1 ONGC -do- 24 GV-ONN-2004/1 1 ONGC -do- 25 SR-ONN-2004/1 1 PRIZE PETROLEUM- JAIPRAKASH ASSOCIATES -do- 26 VN-ONN-2004/1 1 ONGC -do- 27 VN-ONN-2004/2 1 ONGC -do- 28 RJ-ONN-2004/1 1 GSPC-GAIL-HPCL-HALLWORTHY (PANAMA)-NITINFIRE (NEW DELHI)- SILVERWAVE (MYANMAR)-BPCL -do- 29 RJ-ONN-2004/2* 1 OIL-GEOGLOBAL -do- 30 RJ-ONN-2004/3* 1 OIL-GEOGLOBAL-HPCL -do- 31 CB-ONN-2004/5* 1 ADANI ENTERPRISES-ADANI PORT-NAFTOGAZ-WELSPUN -do- 32 DS-ONN-2004/1* 1 GEOGLOBAL RESOURCES (BARBADOS) -do- 33 KG-ONN-2004/1* 1 OIL-GEOGLOBAL -do- 34 KG-ONN-2004/2 1 GSPC-GAIL-PETROGAS -do- 35 CY-ONN-2004/1 1 ONGC-BPCL -do- 36 CY-ONN-2004/2 1 ONGC-BPCL -do- Award of blocks to other than the first ranked bidders and to the second ranked bidders Serial No.

Block Name Ranking Companies Comments Deepwater Blocks 1 KK-DWN-2004/1 1 ONGC-CAIRN INDIA-TATA DGH has not recommended award to ONGC. Single bid.

Has recommended award by negotiations to an international company. 2 CY-DWN-2004/4 1 ONGC-GSPC-HPCL-GAIL -do- 3 CY-PR-DWN-2004/1 1 ONGC-GSPC- HPCL-GAIL -do- 4 CY-PR-DWN-2004/2 1 ONGC-GSPC- HPCL-GAIL -do- 5 CY-DWN-2004/1 1 ONGC-GSPC-HPCL-GAIL DGH has not recommended award to ONGC.

RIL placed at 2nd rank. Has recommended award by negotiations to an international company 6 CY-DWN-2004/2 1 ONGC-GSPC-HPCL-GAIL -do- 7 CY-DWN-2004/3 1 ONGC-GSPC-HPCL-GAIL -do- 8 KG-DWN-2004/1 1 ONGC-GSPC-HPCL-GAIL -do- 9 KG-DWN-2004/2 1 ONGC-GSPC-HPCL-GAIL -do- 10 KG-DWN-2004/3 1 ONGC-GSPC-HPCL-GAIL -do- 11 KG-DWN-2004/5 1 ONGC-GSPC- HPCL-GAIL -do- 12 KG-DWN-2004/6 1 ONGC-GSPC-HPCL-GAIL-OIL -do- Onland Blocks 13 CB-ONN-2004/1 2 SUIWAH CORP- (MALAYSIA)-NAFTOGAZ-VALDEL IND- VALDEL OIL & GAS ONGC consortium ranked first.

DGH has not recommended award to them on the ground of ONGC having relinquished this block recently and the block being very small in size, would be done greater justice by smaller sized second ranked bidders 14 CB-ONN-2004/2* 2 KUFPEC-IOC-PAN ORIENT-NTPC -do- 15 CB-ONN-2004/3* 2 ADANI ENTERPRISES-NAFTOGAZ- WELSPUN-ADANI PORT -do- 16 CB-ONN-2004/4 2 HOEC-TATA-BPCL -do- (Source: Agenda note by the oil ministry for the Empowered Committee of Secretaries)

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