Vol 2, PW 26 (20 Jan 99) Exploration & Production

When it comes to marketing the prospectivity of India, you cant beat Avinash Chandra, boss of the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH).

In an enthusiastic speech at Petrotech 99, Chandra reeled out a mass of data to back his thesis that Indias east coast holds out the potential of West Africa and is sitting on reserves if not as big, than certainly equal in size, as those found on the west coast of India. "If Ravva can (has the potential to) produce 80,000 b/d, I dont see why some of the fields in the east coast cant give us 200,000 b/d", said Chandra, "There are enough tell-tale signs to indicate that the east coast of India should rival if not exceed the prospectivity of the west coast".

In his presentation, Chandra pointed to the existence of "large turbidite formations with good reservoir rocks similar to those found offshore Gabon and Nigeria" on the West African coast as proof of the potential prospectivity of the east coast of India. Some companies, at least, appear to believe him.

The following is a (by now out of date) list of 24 oil companies and institutions that have viewed the DGHs deepwater data in Delhi. 1) ARCO 2) Shell 3) Mobil 4) United Meridien (now Phoenix) 5) EEX Corporation, Houston 6) UNOCAL 7) British Geological Survey, Esso Exploration Inc.

8) Amerada Hess 9) BP International 10)LASMO 11)Elf Aquitaine 12)Cairn Energy 13)Total 14)PGS Reservoir 15)Premier Oil 16)Japan Petroleum Exploration 17)ONGC 18)Oil India 19)Hardy (now British Borneo) 20)Tata Petrodyne 21)Occidental Oil & Gas 22)India Hydrocarbons 23)Reliance Industries 24)Woodside Petroleum

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