Problems with آ“unconsolidated sandآ” at Deen Dayal

Vol 10, PW 15 (16 Nov 06) Exploration & Production

GSPCs potential partners at discovery block KG-OSN-2001/3 are slowly coming to terms with several unresolved technical issues before any development or production from the Deen Dayal field can begin.

One of them is the problem of unconsolidated sand in the discovery wells. Early this month bidders BP, Chevron, ENI and British Gas began receiving from GSPC data analysis of several cores taken from well KG#15, where testing is planned shortly.

Of the several technical issues that have focused the attention of bidders, the most important relates to unconsolidated sand formations in wells at the Deen Dayal discovery. Sources who have seen data from KG#8 and KG#17 express surprise to find such unconsolidated sand even in the (older) Cretaceous era sediments.

Unconsolidated sand is usually encountered in the younger sediments, says a source. Sand control is a normal part of production.

But is it possible with a high temperature, high-pressure field like Deen Dayal For this kind of field, we hear, technology does not currently exist to control sand during production. Says another source: Screens are normally used to block sand but it will not work here because of the high pressure.

Industry experts have analysed three or four scenarios using available technology on data from KG#8 and KG#17 to control sand. None of these seems to be working at such high pressures and temperatures.

GSPC, however, is not unduly worried. They say (reservoir engineering consultant) Petrotel has assured them that sand control will not be an issue.

Adds a source: Sand control with screens will not work if there is no pressure communication. The idea is to use the right kind of screen to enable pressure communication but also keep the sand out.

Petrotels optimism is based on data from analyses of the cores obtained from well KG#15. We have just received some data (from GSPC) on the cores, reveals a source.

Well go through it and see if this optimism is justified.