More good luck for GSPC at CB-ONN-2000/1 block

Vol 10, PW 12 (05 Oct 06) Exploration & Production

Gujarat Petroleums run of good luck shows no sign of letting up at onshore NELP-II exploration block CB-ONN-2000/1, otherwise known as the Ahmedabad block for its proximity to the states commercial capital.

PETROWATCH learns that testing of GSPCs latest appraisal well PK-2A/1 at CB-ONN-2000/1 has flowed significant quantities of oil. Spud on 30th June, well PK-2A/1 was drilled to TD of approximately 2000 metres using Dalma Energys 800-horsepower rig MR-1, which GSPC contracted in May this year until December next year.

Local sources tell this report GSPC completed testing of PK-2A/1 on 10th September and that sometime in August the well is believed to have flowed approximately 1400 b/d to surface. Shortly after, GSPC moved the Dalma Energy MR-1 rig to a nearby location and spud another appraisal well on 19th September, to delineate the discovery area.

TD for this well is also approximately 2000 metres and GSPC is targeting the same fractured basement geological formation as PK-2A/1. By 29th September, we understand the MR-1 rig had drilled its second well to a depth of 1200m.

We should be able to drill another 800m in ten to twelve days, adds a source. By 10th or 15th October, GSPC believes this well its eleventh on the block - will also be ready for testing.

We have set a target to increase production from CB-ONN-2000/1 to 5000 b/d by November or December this year, we hear. This block is already producing 400 b/d day from the PK-2 well but we plan to increase production to 800-900 b/d very soon.

We also hope to find more oil and that should bring production up to 5000 b/d very fast. GSPC has been lucky with a series of discoveries on this block, the most fiercely contested in NELP-II, and hopes eventually to raise production to 10,000 b/d.

In June, we reported a significant gas discovery at well SE-1 (Sanand East) to add to two earlier oil discoveries at wells PK-1 in June 2003 and PK-2 in August 2004. GSPC believes well PK-2 holds up to 50m barrels oil in-place.