Vol 3, PW 9 (26 May 99) Exploration & Production

The following figures clearly suggest so.

The North Kadi oilfield mentioned above lies in Indias Cambay basin, the countrys most mature oil-producing region. The Cambay basin falls under the Western Regional Business Centre of ONGC, Indias largest onland oil producing region, averaging around 6m tonnes production a year (approx: 115,000b/d).

It is also the region of India where ONGC has initiated the most Enhanced Oil Recovery programmes. A quick examination of the recovery factors listed below from two of ONGCs projects in the Cambay basin reveal the problems it is up against:- Name of Field Recovery Factor (%) (Mehsana Region) North Kadi 32.7 Sobhasan 28.66 Santhal 45.33 Jotana 32.62 Balol 39.39 Lanwa 18.34 Bechraji 17.39 Nandasan 19.96 Linch 12.40 (Ahmedabad Region) Kalol 23.84 Modera 14.36 Gamij 13.07 Viraj 14.89 Nawagam 30.50 Jhalora 39.43 Samand 21.64 South Kadi 27.29 Wasna 11.28 Ahmedabad 12.92 Nandej 13.90 Limborada 18.41 Wadna-Paliyad 16.68 (Source: ONGC)