High hopes that Mukta can produce 75,000 b/d

Vol 10, PW 11 (21 Sep 06) Exploration & Production

Partners British Gas, Reliance and ONGC believe production at the Mukta field offshore Mumbai could rise from a modest 3000 b/d today to 75,000 b/d in less than five years time.

PETROWATCH learns the BG-led consortium that also operates the Panna and Tapti oil and gasfields believes production will begin to climb following installation of the MB platform that will herald full-scale, independent development of the field. We hear the consortium began focusing on Mukta last year when a separate task force was set up to see how best to coax out hydrocarbons from the highly complex geology that characterises this field.

We hear this task force re-visited the 3D seismic data shot in 1996 by previous operator Enron and oversaw the drilling of one exploratory well in March-April this year. This well (MB) sitting in 65 metres water depth was drilled to more than 3000 metres below the seabed and, during testing of three zones between 2700 metres and 3000 metres, flowed between 800 and 1500 barrels of oil for about 48 hours from a 32/64-inch choke.

The oil was found to be sweet and light with an API number of between 42 and 43. Well analysis results and re-interpretation of old 3D have now convinced the consortium that Mukta could hold anything between 700m to 1.8bn barrels of oil in-place.

Revised gas reserves figures are yet to be worked out. Plans are to re-process existing 3D and, if needed, shoot more 3D to refine development well locations.

We hear the consortium is likely to float a tender for the engineering of the MB production platform at Mukta in October. A multi-staged development is expected to start around 2009 entailing around 10 wellhead platforms and a new process platform.

An industry source tells this report that full scale plateau production of about 75,000 b/d is expected by 2011-12. The consortium feels this plateau will last several years, we hear.

Probably till the end of the PSC. If true, it would make Mukta the most prolific privately held oilfield in India.

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