Tullow active on Kutch offshore concession

Vol 3, PW 19 (13 Oct 99) News in Brief

The Tullow Oil/Larsen & Toubro joint venture is getting into overdrive on its Kutch offshore concession GK-OSJ/1.

"We expect to float global tenders for drilling by the end of this month, by which time the results of the survey will also come in", a company spokesman tells Petrowatch, "This is a priority for us now. We are going as fast as we can".

Drilling was originally scheduled to start in March this year. The joint venture expects to find gas in this concession.

It also expects to receive the mining lease from the Andhra Pradesh government for a separate concession: KG-ON/1. "We expect the lease to come through any day now.

The government has told us the lease is cleared. Once we get the lease we will undertake a survey and put in place a development plan".