Vol 3, PW 15 (18 Aug 99) News in Brief

Terrorists belonging to the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) are threatening to disrupt the oil industry in Assam.

On Wednesday (4th August) ULFA set off an explosion on the oil pipeline that connects the oilfields of Upper Assam with refineries in the lower part of the state. A day later on Thursday (5th August) police commandos raided an ULFA hideout in Guwahati and killed Babul Ingti, an ULFA leader responsible for leading the bombing campaign against oil installations.

Police recovered maps of major oil pipelines and refineries in Assam, five kilos of RDX explosives, and a wireless set capable of scanning army communication. ONGC and Oil India officials are on alert following a statement by ULFAs military chief Paresh Barua that, "ULFA will not allow the supply of Assam's crude to Indian refineries".

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