Help needed for ONGCآ’s D-1 field on the Bombay Offshore

Vol 3, PW 22 (24 Nov 99) Exploration & Production

Officials at ONGC have finally come round to the view that they might after all need outside help to develop the D-1 oilfield on the Bombay Offshore.

A source at ONGC tells this report the corporation is not averse to the idea of joining hands with a company which has the requisite technology to develop D-1, a limestone carbonate reservoir located southwest of the Bombay High in depths of approximately 100 metres. The admission is a significant setback for ONGC, which spent years lobbying for the return of D-1, following its award on a nomination basis by the government to a consortium of the UKs Enterprise Oil and Indian Oil Corporation.

That award was subsequently cancelled. Preliminary results from a series of appraisal wells drilled at D-1 this year and last appear to suggest difficulties for which ONGC is unprepared (see below).

No further details are available. This report learns ONGC is awaiting the results of a series of analyses of D-1 data from the Institute of Reservoir Studies in Ahmedabad and the Mumbai-based Institute of Oil & Gas Production Technology.

A source tells this report any decision on outside help in procuring the appropriate technology will be made on the basis of the reservoir, facilities and economic models presently being drawn up. Interesting though, is the fact that a joint venture or alliance of some nature with an overseas company has not been ruled out.

Description Well No D-1-13 Objectives I to VI Dry Objective VII - the main pay - gave the following results Oil 514 b/d GOR 21 Depth 2248-2253m Objective VIII Oil With 1/2" choke 858 b/d With 3/8"choke 745 b/d With 1/4" choke 628 b/d API 38 FWHP 350psi GOR 13 After acid job (1/2" choke) 2593 b/d Estimated reserves 34-35m tonnes Development Plan 10-12 wells planned (Source: ONGC)