Nagaland chief minister escapes assasination bid

Vol 3, PW 23 (08 Dec 99) News in Brief

Terrorists in the oil-rich but unexploited north-eastern state of Nagaland on the border with Burma have tried but failed to assassinate the chief minister SC Jamir.

The attack happened on the morning of Tuesday (30th November) as Jamir was riding in a convoy of six vehicles on National Highway 39 between Piphema and Pherema, about 20 km from Dimapur. Officials said the extremists laid a booby-trap over a stretch of 150 metres of the road by planting 14 improvised explosive devices.

The extremists detonated the bombs one after another as Jamir's convoy approached the area. Jamie escaped unhurt and was taken to a security force camp from where he was flown back to the capital Kohima.

The extremists who were hiding on both sides of the road opened fire as policemen jumped out of the vehicles. Two policemen were killed.