Details of NELP investment commitments

Vol 4, PW 20 (08 Nov 00) Exploration & Production

By any account it's a staggering figure, but the bigger question is will the $1.6bn of promised investment from NELP-1 translate into actual inflows For contractors the detailed figures below provide a mouth-watering indication of potential opportunities from 25 contracts signed this year by Reliance, ONGC, Cairn Energy and Gazprom.

Proposed investment for 25 blocks awarded under New Exploration Licensing Policy Block name Basin/state Awardee Area ( Estimated expenditure in million ($) Phase I II III Total 1)ARP-ONN-97/1 Arunachal Pradesh onshore Geoenpro Geopetrole Enpro India 300 $1.75m $2.30m $1.64m $5.69m 2)GV-ONN-97/1 Ganga valley onshore ONGC/IOC 36,750 $430,000 $3.72m $3.40m $7.55m 3)KG-DWN-98/1 Ganga valley onshore Reliance/Niko 10,810 $13.45m $32.15m $64.15m $109.75m 4)KG-DWN-98/2 Ganga valley onshore Cairn Energy 9,800 $50.00m $27.00m $17.00m $94.00m 5)KG-DWN-98/3 Ganga valley onshore Reliance/Niko 7,645 $37.45m $44.15m $64.15m $145.75m 6)KG-DWN-98/4 Ganga valley onshore ONGC 9,940 $660,000 $22.02m $22.55m $45.23m 7)KG-DWN-98/5 Ganga valley onshore ONGC 8,980 $660,000 $25.27m $18.34m $44.27m 8)MN-DWN-98/2 Mahanadi deep water offshore Reliance/Niko 9,605 $7.79m $46.65m $76.65m $131.09m 9)MN-DWN-98/3 Mahanadi deep water offshore ONGC 10,005 $630,000 $23.07m $23.34m $47.04m 10)CY-OSN-97/1 Cauvery shallow water offshore Mosbacher-Energy Equity-HOEC 4,940 $200,000 $5.0m $5.0m $10.20m 11)CY-OSN-97/2 Cauvery shallow water offshore Oil India Limited 5,215 $2.30m $17.00m $12.05m $31.35m 12)GK-OSN-97/1 Gujarat-Kutch shallow water offshore Reliance/Niko 1,465 $21.32m $10.91m $12.15m $44.38m 13)KG-OSN-97/1 Krishna-Godavari shallow water offshore ONGC 4,485 $900,000 $3.50m $3.50m $7.90m 14)KG-OSN-97/2 Krishna-Godavari shallow water offshore Reliance/Niko 4,790 $12.0m $9.60m $12.15m $33.75m 15)KG-OSN-97/3 Krishna-Godavari shallow water offshore Reliance/Niko 2,460 $30.0m $20.17m $23.75m $73.92m 16)KG-OSN-97/4 Krishna-Godavari shallow water offshore Reliance/Niko 4,020 $11.80m $9.60m $12.15m $33.55m 17)KK-OSN-97/2 Kerala-Konkan shallow water offshore Reliance/Niko 19,450 $490,000 $8.5m $9.60m $18.59m 18)KK-OSN-97/3 Kerala-Konkan shallow water offshore ONGC 15,910 $7.19m $6.15m $6.15m $19.49m 19)MB-OSN-97/2 Mumbai shallow water offshore Reliance/Niko 5,270 $490,000 $13.50m $20.15m $34.14m 20)MB-OSN-97/3 Mumbai shallow water offshore Reliance/Niko 5,740 $19.88m $20.17m $23.75m $63.80m 21)MB-OSN-97/4 Mumbai shallow water offshore ONGC/IOC 18,870 $9.00m $17.00m $7.38m $33.38m 22)MN-OSN-97/3 Mahanadi shallow water offshore ONGC/GAIL 5,420 $800,000 $6.69m $11.11m $18.60m 23)NEC-OSN-97/1 North-East Coast shallow water offshore Gazprom/GAIL 10,425 $920,000 $16.57m $18.00m $35.49m 24)NEC-OSN-97/2 North-East Coast shallow water offshore Reliance/Niko 14,535 $12.49m $13.09m $16.79m $42.37m 25)SR-OSN-97/1 Saurashtra shallow water offshore Reliance/Niko 5,020 $5.70m $18.50m $10.90m $35.10m Total 231,850 $248.3m $422.28m $495.80m $1.66bn (Source: Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas)