Profits stream in from Indian oil and gas companies

Vol 4, PW 21 (22 Nov 00) News in Brief

Love them or loathe them, India's oil and gas companies are the most profitable state-owned enterprises in the country - a fact highlighted by figures released on 15th November, showing dividends paid to the government in the financial year 1999-2000.

Company Total Equity Government Percentage Holding Dividend Paid Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Rs1,425.93cr 84.11% Rs779.57cr ($171.5m) Indian Oil Corporation Rs778.67cr 82.03% Rs479.04cr ($105.38m) Gas Authority of India Rs845.65cr 67.34% Rs170.85cr ($37.58m) Hindustan Petroleum Rs339.00cr 51.01% Rs145.48% ($32m) Bharat Petroleum Rs150.00cr 66.20% Rs124.13cr ($27.3m) Oil India Rs142.67cr 98.13% Rs105.00cr ($23m) Kochi Refinery Rs68.93cr 55.04% Rs62.98cr ($13.85m) Engineers India Rs56.16cr 90.39% Rs32.13cr ($7.06m) Chennai Petroleum Rs147.10cr 52.48% Rs23.18cr ($5.1m) Bongaigaon Refinery Rs119.82cr 74.46% Rs7.20cr ($1.58m) IBP Rs22.15cr 59.58% Rs6.07cr ($1.33m)