Oil production stagnates, gas rises, refinery soars

Vol 4, PW 9 (07 Jun 00) News in Brief

Figures from the Indian oil ministry reveal no change in the trend of falling crude production.

A government press release blames the 4.8% drop in April oil production over the same month last year on the closure of a 'Bombay High South all riser well platform'. Better news on the gas front, with domestic gas production recording an impressive 17.7% rise over the same period last year.

In 1999-2000, total natural gas production went up by 3.7% to 28.437bn cubic metres over 27.427bn cubic metres produced in 1998-1999. Refinery production registered a drop of 6.5% over April last year but a massive 32.8% rise over total production in 1998-1999 April 2000 (Actual) April 2000 (Target) April 1999 (Actual) Oil production 2.566m tonnes 2.619m tonnes 2.695m tonnes Gas production 2.425bn cm (N/A) 2.061bn cm Refinery production 8.017m tonnes 8.594m tonnes 6.053m tonnes