Indian shippers ridicule Petronet-LNG

Vol 4, PW 2 (01 Mar 00) News in Brief

"A pre-condition of the tender is that the ship owner must have operated LNG vessels," writes Sudhir Mulji, President, Indian National Shippers Association, in an open letter to the Indian press, "The newcomer is prevented from qualifying; for he can only tender if he is prequalified but the only way he can prequalify is if he is qualified.

The Good Lord must have learnt a thing or two from Petronet when he qualified Adam as the first member of the human race!" Mulji adds: "No one would claim that an airline would have to prequalify before it owns or operates a 747. Boeing would have had very few sales under such terms." He adds: "Should this nation find itself embroiled in hostilities, foreign carriers can legally disown contracts to carry goods into recognised war zones.

Indian flag vessels could not."