Jamnagar refinery is major foreign exchange earner

Vol 5, PW 2 (14 Mar 01) Midstream & Downstream

It's not all bad news for Reliance Petroleum following the devastating earthquake on January 26th.

This report learns that the company's 27m t/y refinery at Jamnagar is set to continue exporting diesel to Brazil. Oil ministry papers prepared for the finance ministry ahead of the budget - and seen by this report - reveal that Reliance plans to export a total of 1m tonnes of diesel - worth approximately $250m - to Brazil during this calendar year on a 'Term Contract' basis.

Reliance exports over 300,000 tonnes of diesel every month and despatched its first export cargo to Brazil's Petrobras in early March. The note adds that: Reliance exported $1.15bn worth of petroleum products during the first ten months (April-January) of the current financial year 2000-01 Reliance earned $409 in foreign exchange from the export of 1.59m tonnes of diesel in the same period The refinery produced 19.5m tonnes of petroleum products, including LPG, petrol, aviation turbine fuel, diesel, kerosene and naphtha between April-January 2000-01 Petrol exports of 921,000 tonnes earned the company $243m Naphtha exports of 1.49m tonnes earned it $394m ATF exports of 121,000 tonnes earned it $30m Kerosene production of 1.49m tonnes and LPG production of 1.63m tonnes was used domestically.