Activity breakdown at Cairn's 5 assets in India

Vol 5, PW 2 (14 Mar 01) Exploration & Production

Activity breakdown at Cairn's 5 assets in India (Correct on 6th March 2001) Concession Area Date of PSC Activity/Description Partners 'Ravva' (Offshore Krishna Godavari) 333-sq km 28 Oct 1994 Average Production 2000: 48,800b/d and 24.5m cf/d.

Extra 31m cf/d gas from satellite fields by 2002 sold to GAIL at $2.2-3.3mcf. A 277-sq km 3D survey under evaluation to identify new drilling locations.

Cairn(Operator) 22.5% Videocon Petroleum 25% Ravva Oil Private 12.5% ONGC 40% KG-OS/6 (Offshore Krishna Godavari; Ravva ring-fenced inside) 7,000-sq km 30 June 1998 1st well in 2-well programme expected March 2001. Also, 760-sq km 3D in 2000 to supplement 1,500 sq km 2D in 1999.

Exploration well imminent. Cairn(Operator) 50% Videocon Petroleum 50% CB-OS/2 (Cambay Basin) 3,590-sq km 30 June 1998 4 oil and gas discoveries in past 10 months.

3D survey on to identify appraisal/development locations. Reserves estimate 550-750bn cf.

Cairn(Operator) 75% Tata Petrodyne 15% ONGC (can increase to 40% on commercial) 10% RJ-ON-90/1 (Rajasthan desert) 11,400-sq km 15th May 1995 (Shell) Sept 1998: Cairn farm-in as operator 15th Aug 99: flows 2,000 b/d. Capped as producer.

450-sq km 3D over Guda completed Feb 2001. Interpretation on going.

Prospect selected for drilling. Cairn(Operator) 50% Shell 50% KG-DWN-98/2 (Deepwater Krishna Godavari) 9,800-sq km 12 April 2000 Gas discovery Feb 2001.

Well logs under interpretation. Appraisal well likely.

Cairn 100% (Source: Cairn Energy)