Gujarat offers help to Maharashtra in gas business

Vol 9, PW 24 (23 Mar 06) News in Brief

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation will join hands with Gujarat State Petronet to transmit and sell gas in Maharashtra.

PETROWATCH learns a MoU will be signed shortly between the two sides to set up a JV company. The name, equity structure and other details have yet to be decided, we hear.

Both of us believe it makes sense to pool resources and strengths to enter the T&D business for pipeline gas. The joint venture will also sell compressed and piped natural gas as well as other gaseous fuels in Maharashtra.

Top of the agenda for the joint venture will be construction of a 60-km pipeline from Talasari on the border between Gujarat and Maharashtra - Indias two most industrialised states - to the industrial hub of Tarapur in Maharashtra. Gujarat Petronet operates a 450-km pipeline network in Gujarat that will reach Talasari by July under plans to criss-cross the state with gas transmission pipelines.