Shivraj Singh asks Indian Oil to bail out EIL

Vol 5, PW 13 (15 Aug 01) News in Brief

Shivraj Singh, joint secretary (refineries), has "requested" Indian Oil to bail out Engineers India to offset expected delay in the Panipat refinery expansion.

On 25th July Singh writes to A.K Arora, IOC's director (refineries), saying: "As Panipat refinery project is getting somewhat delayed, IOC's Linear Alkyl Benzene plant at Gujarat may now be considered.

The exact modalities for awarding this project to EIL could be discussed between IOC and EIL." Singh reminds Arora: "As you are aware EIL management had requested this ministry to provide them an opportunity to execute a major onshore project on EPC-Lumpsum Turnkey of about Rs500cr ($1.063bn) on nomination basis."