Vittal denies corruption link with Gujarat Petroleum

Vol 5, PW 14 (29 Aug 01) People & Policy

Corruption is rampant - and no one knows this better than Nagaraj Vittal, the feared anti-corruption crusader and head of India's Central Vigilance Commission.

These days Vittal is in a combative mood! He's just emerged unscathed from an attempt to brand him no better than the people he mercilessly pursues. This month member of parliament Jagdamba Prasad Yadav caused a stir with a letter to prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee accusing Vittal of having asked Gujarat Petroleum "to pay a fortune" to refurbish his apartment in the Gujarat capital Gandhinagar.

Questions flew thick and fast. Did the doughty anti-corruption crusader himself have feet of clay We contacted Vittal, and put the question to him direct.

"This is a crude attempt at character assassination," he tells PETROWATCH. "I have explained myself to the government and the lies have been nailed.

I hope this gets a decent burial." Vittal tells us he has nothing to hide: "I own a two-bedroom apartment in Gandhinagar, which has been let out to Gujarat Petroleum for a monthly rent of Rs6,600 ($143). Gujarat Petroleum has spent Rs4.14 lakh ($9,600) on furniture and fixtures such as air conditioners, hot water geysers.

They will take everything back when they return the property to me. All the immoveable property I own is listed on our website." [Go to: http://www.cvc.]