Send in your suggestions on the downstream regulator

Vol 5, PW 19 (07 Nov 01) News in Brief

Do you have any suggestions for the oil ministry on the proposed downstream regulator If yes, start jotting them down.

Because sometime after 7th November, the oil ministry plans to put on its website the draft bill on the downstream regulator. "We are having a meeting with the finance ministry on 7th November after which we will send the draft bill to the law ministry to check on legal terminology.

Once the law ministry gives its OK we will put up the draft bill on the website. We want suggestions from the public." We are told that "worthwhile" suggestions could find a place in the bill before it goes to parliament.

[For anyone interested, PETROWATCH already has a draft copy of the bill on our website at click here: Draft of "Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Board Bill, 2001"]

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