Audit reveals ONGC offshore installations in a mess

Vol 5, PW 22 (19 Dec 01) Exploration & Production

Below is a catalogue of serious lapses in housekeeping, engineering and other areas at almost all ONGC installations on the Bombay Offshore, according to the corporation's internal audit team.

Many readers might be shocked, just as we were. Its difficult not to conclude that corruption, mismanagement and negligence are the norm, not the exception.

70% of unmanned platforms have widespread corrosion at different places and on the structural parts 26 of 602 wells flowing through chiksen lines for more than six months - no corrections made despite instructions issued five months ago Ultrasonic thickness measurement not carried out by contractors in critical piping, pipelines, well flow arms, main lines and water injection lines Well head area on many unmanned platforms congested due to improper routing of injection lines Gas detection system installed but not operational on any platform since inception despite repeat orders with supplier Fire water pump not operational on 89 out of 105 unmanned platforms Shortage or unavailability of life rafts, escape ladders, life boats, jumping ropes, jackets Poor housekeeping, waste and unwanted materials like unused pipes, empty barrels litter decks, switchgear and telemetry rooms, well head area has mud, oil spillage Internal leakages at some places in the sub-sea pipelines Cathodic protection system panels on unmanned platforms do not work and no readings are logged Thirty two generators are not working, electrical junction boxes not closed properly Deluge valves do not work on most platforms, dry chemical powder skids do not work on 65 out of 114 platforms, foam tanks do not work On seven Offshore Support Vessels and Multi Support Vessels key officers are not 'certified' Emergency shutdown and fire shutdown systems are not tested on many unmanned platforms On 85 wells surface safety valves are faulty while on 34 wells sub-surface safety valves are faulty; uncapped empty well slots on some platforms Remote plant monitoring and control system does not work on 48 out of 105 unmanned platforms, hydro testing of test separator and calibration of pressure safety valves not carried out on 92 out of 103 well platforms Flow arm in 207 wells are either bypassed or not having pressure switch high/low well safety system, so input/output integrity could not be checked