Expect a formal announcement on CBM round

Vol 5, PW 3 (28 Mar 01) News in Brief

Oil minister Ram Naik is preparing to make a CBM announcement, possibly as early as next month (April).

We learn the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons has switched its attention from NELP-II to preparation of CBM data packages and information dockets and is working closely with the Geological Survey of India and the Central Mines Planning and Research Development Institute to accelerate work. In January we reported that the following 10 blocks were under consideration for auction: Concession State Estimated CBM reserves Northern Raniganj West Bengal 1.030 trillion cubic feet Eastern Raniganj West Bengal 1.850 trillion cubic feet Jharia Bihar 2.407 trillion cubic feet Bokaro Bihar 1.590 trillion cubic feet North Karanpura Bihar 2.181 trillion cubic feet Eastern Sohagpur Madhya Pradesh 3.030 (Combined) Western Sohagpur Madhya Pradesh Satpura Madhya Pradesh 1 trillion cubic feet CB-CBM-I Gujarat 2.290 trillion cubic feet CB-CBM-II Gujarat.

2.540 trillion cubic feet